Open Water

I love the water.  Midwestern lakes, rivers, ponds, open ocean, I’ve plied them all my entire life.  You wouldn’t expect a city kid from Chicago to have so much sand in his toes, sun-bleached hair and early onset gill formation but that was me.    The earliest memories I can recall in life revolve around catching minnows, jumping off docks and my first fishing pole.  As a newly minted teenager I was allowed to run roughshot over a small island in Northwest Indiana where I learned how to drive a boat, hone my fishing skills, waterski and troubleshoot engine problems when they (always) arose.


As I’ve grown however, I have learned that whether it be a small lake in Southern Illinois where I now call home or large bodies of water in the Western Hemisphere, sometimes life on the waves can be tough.  Whether it’s trips to urgent care to remove buried treble hooks, dropping thousands of dollars on gas and general boat maintenance or being caught in life-threatening storms far offshore, some of my “good” memories get their head held under water by these experiences.

However, I managed by the grace of God to be blessed with two wonderful kids who share the same sand in the toes, mad dock-jumping skills and love for the water that I had way back when.  It is these moments that allow me to come up for air and feel the warmth of the sun on my ever-balding head and relish in the smell of Summer that is unique to a life lived on the swimming favorite.jpg

With my life mirroring the crests and troughs of the waves, the calm and the tempests, I decided to start writing again after several years.  I thought it would be therapeutic to chronical my life experiences, share the insights of my profession in the the data center industry/tech world, relay comical life stories and throw open the shades to the windows of my soul every now and again.  My thoughts and ramblings here are certainly my own and should you stop in to read my ramblings, be sure to say hello.




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